Interested in hearing from some local Technology, Strategy, and Marketing experts about topics and tutorials that will help grow and enhance your nonprofit organization?

On Saturday, October 19th, 2013 from 9am to 6pm, Baltimore GiveCamp will be hosting its annual ‘Seminar Saturday’ event, which is free for any 5013c nonprofit to attend! It will consist of a series of one hour seminars, where industry pro’s will share their knowledge about Marketing, Technology and the Business of running a nonprofit organization. This event is ideal for Executive Directors, Marketing Personnel and Technology Personnel at nonprofits both large and small.

It's free to attend, but you must register.

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9am - 10am

Nonprofit Strategies for Growth

Presented by Jodi Hume (read bio...)

Which way do we go? A simple framework for the making big decisions easier Often started by a core of passionate founders, the early decisions just happened. But as an organization grows and matures, the questions and decisions become bigger and more complex… boards grow and expansion options loom, and the planning conversations around “what’s next” can begin to feel murky and convoluted.

But there’s an easier way. In this interactive hour of live coaching and group work, Jodi Hume will introduce a simple framework you can take home and use with your organization to bring clarity and focus to your most important planning conversations.

10am - 11am

Google Ad words

Presented by Max Kryzhanovskiy (read bio...)

Discussion about Google Grant towards AdWords. How to set it up, run it, optimize it and try to spend at least over $1,000 a month of the $10,000 provided.

11am - 12pm

Nonprofit Capacity Building through Social Media and Virtual Worlds

Presented by Sally Cherry (read bio...)

This presentation offers introductory information, case studies, usability discussions, and strategic planning tips pertaining to relevant use of social media and virtual world platforms. During the presentation, participants will learn about proven social media and virtual world platforms for building capacity within nonprofit organizations. The presentation is designed to provide a basic understanding of how various social media and virtual world platforms can be used for community outreach, program promotion, cause awareness, networking, fundraising, and other tasks. The learning objective is to increase the participants’ knowledge, usability and understanding of relevant social media and virtual world platforms. Participants will have an opportunity to learn about TechSoup's virtual community of practice for nonprofits as well as start mapping a outline for their own mission-oriented social media strategic plan.

12pm - 1pm


Provided, courtesy of Baltimore GiveCamp Event Sponsors

12pm - 1pm

How to make WordPress your friend

Presented by Kerch McConlogue (read bio...)

The things that people worry about when using WordPress seem to be:
  • Setting it up
  • Backups, upgrades and plugins
  • Security
  • Figuring out how to use it once your developer is gone.
We’ll talk about those things and more, like:
  • How little can you get away with and still have what you need
  • How to help search engines find you without making yourself crazy or spending a boat load of money
If you know how to use Microsoft Word and you’re not afraid of the internet, you can make WordPress work for your organization. I’ll show screen shots of what it takes and take questions from the floor.

1pm - 2pm

Office 365: Effective and Free for Nonprofits

Presented by Nikkia Carter (read bio...)

This session give an overview of Office 365 and how 501c3s can get it for free. This session will also explains how easy it is to create a professional public facing site using Office 365 and SharePoint. The public facing site can be set up to use your own domain and can be used by business, non-profits, education, government, etc.

2pm - 3pm

Aligning IT with your Organization’s Mission

Presented by George Breeden (read bio...)

As important as information technology is for most organizations it can often be an afterthought in planning or determining how to strategically advance the mission. Or worse, at times it can impede the execution of plans because of limited alignment or engagement in key planning efforts. But getting involved at the right level doesn’t happen automatically, particularly if the organization thinks of IT as the folks that just keep the network and email running.

In this interactive session we will discuss ways IT leaders can better support the organization by earning a seat at the table where the strategic discussions happen. We will talk about what the organization’s leadership does or should expect from technology leadership, and how you can start speaking their language in a way that will lead to better decision making and engagement. Most importantly, you’ll get the chance to hear lessons learned and share experiences with fellow attendees.

3pm - 4pm

Using Mobile Applications and Games to Increase Constituent Engagement

Presented by Ben Davis (read bio...)

More nonprofit supporters are using smartphones and tablets. Are you finding creative ways to utilize these technologies for giving, education and keeping your constituents involved? In this presentation, Ben Davis will show how to use mobile applications, games and responsive design to help nonprofits achieve their goals.

4pm - 5pm

Customer Experience and Content Strategy for the Mobile Audience

Presented by Susan Carr (read bio...)

Mobile technology and usage is exploding and constantly evolving, and is increasingly becoming the way that non-profits engage with their donors or members. To keep up with and take advantage of these trends, this session will explore why you need to be thinking about mobile devices in your marketing strategy. We will discuss what is a (good) mobile strategy and what are the currently-available approaches to mobile content delivery. We will look at some non-profit success stories in the mobile space and learn to determine which mobile strategy and approach is right for you. The workshop will use requirements gathering, personas and use cases to help attendees create a seamless, “end to end” mobile customer experience.

5pm - 6pm

LinkedIn for Nonprofits. A Network of Opportunity, Have You Tapped In?

Presented by Jae Jin (read bio...)

Introducing, educating, and inspiring nonprofit professionals to take the leap or next step to leverage the power of LinkedIn for professional and organizational branding, development, and recruiting.

Learning takeaways:

  • Build a better Profile for better results
  • Craft a LinkedIn strategy
  • Integrate your LinkedIn strategy into your work

Whether you are new to LinkedIn or a longtime member you will learn something new in this session. LinkedIn’s recent updates, the continued growth of the network and the ways to connect, talk with and engage new members, volunteers, donors, staff and board members is now easier than ever.

Come find out how.

Seminar Saturday is held at UMBC in the Information Technology and Engineering Building.


Click here for general directions and maps to get to the UMBC Campus

Semminar Saturday is held as part of Baltimore GiveCamp Weekend, so there will be GiveCamp directional signs stuck in the ground around the campus from the parking to the building to guide you to the location…look for them and if you don’t see them…check your map again to make sure you are in the right place, or ask someone on campus.

Parking is indicated on the Campus Map available by clicking here

Parking is free and unrestricted on Saturday in most of the parking areas around the campus. PLEASE CHECK THE PARKING SIGNS for any exceptions to that rule. Handicap parking is available in designated locations at the Administration Drive Parking lot (check the map for it.)

Parking along Hilltop Circle, out in front of the building, is HIGHLY recommended and is very convenient. Just make sure you observe the signs and times for parking.


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